November 3, 2010


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Voters Say YES to Dingell for Michigan

Dearborn, MI– Tonight, United States Representative John Dingell won his race in the 15th Congressional District in Michigan against Dr. Rob Steele, a local cardiologist from Ann Arbor, MI.

“Thank you for your vote,” Dingell told supporters.  “You can rest assured that I will never stop fighting for you.  I will never stop being your Watchdog.  And I will honor and respect the trust that you have put in me with an agenda that represents the values of the working men and women of the 15th District.”

John Dingell fights for the working men and women of Michigan – for jobs in the auto industry and the clean energy jobs of the future.  He fights to protect Social Security for the people who depend on it and generations to come.  He fights to hold big business, big banks, and big government accountable for their actions when they act against American interests.  Those fights for good jobs, a secure retirement, and accountability from business and government are fights that you can count on Dingell to not back down from.

A message was sent today by the voters of the 15th District of Michigan.  Dingell voters said no to adding $700 billion to the deficit by giving tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% in America  and said yes to improving the future of working families.  Voters in the 15th District rejected the Republican war on middle class families and said yes to strengthening the middle class, the backbone of our economy.  Dingell voters said no to privatizing Social Security, cutting education, cutting investments in the jobs of the future,  and cutting unemployment benefits, and said voters said yes to protecting America’s retired workers, educating future workers, and getting the unemployed back on the job.

“We need to get this economy moving again and put people back to work,” said Dingell.   “We need to give our children the skills to compete in the global economy.  And we need to protect Social Security and ensure quality, affordable health care for all Americans.  Together, we can and we will.”

John Dingell works with the people he serves to move Michigan forward.  And when the next Congress starts, he will work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass legislation of most importance to the working men and women of this great nation.  But rest assured, he will not stand stand-by idly and let the progress being made be dismantled.  He will deliver for Michigan and he will continue to fight for small businesses, the middle class, and the hard working families in Michigan.