Help Dingell Stop Repeal

January 20, 2011

Dear Friend,

Yesterday Republicans made headway in their effort to move our nation backwards and overturn a huge national achievement.  The GOP majority-led House passed repeal legislation to undo health insurance reform in a partisan vote of 245 -189. We cannot allow them to go any further with this political stunt.

If Republicans were to succeed in reversing this major step forward in America’s progress, it would change the direction of our country. Our deficit would bulge, millions of Americans would face struggles extinct in the rest of the developed world, and history would mark the occasion as a tragic turn for the worse in our country’s prosperity.

Help us put a stop to this obstructionist effort that jeopardizes Americans’ well-being and the American economy.  Please contribute now.

Remember the energy of misguided citizens when they were told lies about health insurance reform being a “government takeover” or bringing about “death panels“?  Now the truth is out: the reform we are seeing is a practical solution to improve the overall health and well-being of Americans while also reducing our deficit.  Now is the time for informed citizens, armed with the truth, to energize and make our voices heard.

Although Republicans’ current stunt will likely amount to nothing more than a waste of time and taxpayer dollars, any headway they make will encourage them to continue with zeal their repeal efforts.  This bill could be just the beginning. Show Republicans that their attempt to dismantle American progress is only effective in energizing our base and reaffirming our resolve to move American forward.  Please contribute now.

The longer Republicans continue their campaign to dismantle health insurance reform, the more likely they will succeed and Americans will lose.  Undoing the Affordable Care Act will not only endanger our nation’s long term economic viability, it will hurt American families, businesses, and workers starting immediately.  Below are some of the ways Americans will be affected if Republicans repeal health insurance reform:

  • 32 million Americans will lose health coverage
  • Millions more Americans will no longer be able to afford health insurance, and will have to cut the family budget elsewhere to stay insured, or be at risk of going into bankruptcy if they or a family member gets sick
  • As many as 4 million jobs will disappear over the next ten years
  • Young people under the age of 26 will be kicked off their parents insurance plans
  • Insurance companies will once again have free reign to discriminate against the 129 million Americans with “pre-existing conditions,” ration or limit patients’ coverage, and unnecessarily increase premiums
  • Drug costs will increase for seniors with the disappearance of the Medicare prescription drug program discount (a 50 percent discount for name-brand drugs in 2011)
  • An end to free preventative care
  • Costs will rise for small businesses trying to provide health coverage to their employees as $40 billion in tax credits are repealed
  • Jeopardize health benefits for retirees
  • Insurance companies will no longer be required to cover basic and essential services, such as emergency services, prescription drugs, maternity and newborn care, and hospitalization, etc.
  • A return to higher premiums for women and the elderly
  • Patients will no longer be guaranteed the right to appeal an unjustified denial of coverage by their insurer

You can rely on John Dingell to fight to protect American families, workers, and businesses from Republicans’ obstructionism.  After an expensive election, the most effective way to show your support and fuel the fight to protect health insurance reform is to make a contribution today.

On behalf of Congressman Dingell, we sincerely thank you for your support.

Team Dingell