Strengthening Our State Party

February 5, 2013

Dear Friend,

As a Member of the Michigan Congressional Delegation, I’ve never been anything other than a Democrat, and it’s with pride that I’ve been fortunate to help carry the Democratic banner in Michigan and fight for the many values we all hold in common.

Every two years, I take lead in organizing a regional coordinated campaign in southeast Michigan. This largely has involved working with concerned Democrats in Washtenaw, Monroe and western Wayne Counties. It has been great working with grassroots leaders across that area to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. At every step, we have worked to mentor the next generation of leaders and build an inclusive Party across the district.

However, over the years, I have grown more and more concerned that the energy and enthusiasm of these grassroots leaders is not reflected in our State Party leadership. Now more than ever, we must have a State Party that is willing to adapt and grow in a changing political scene. We need a State Party that is willing to accept new voices, new opinions and new technologies to give Democrats the fighting edge in elections across Michigan while at the same time keeping seasoned Members involved and part of the team.

To do that, we need a candidate for Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party with the tenacity to accept these changes and the strength to lead our party into the 21st Century.  I am concerned that Michigan is a blue state that is increasingly becoming red in representation. The future of too many things we care about are at stake. Only with a diverse, vibrant and energized party can we hope to gain victories in 2014 and beyond. I believe there is one candidate that can do just that: Lon Johnson.

The entire Congressional Delegation has united around Lon Johnson as our next State Party Chair. We wrote this letter to Michigan Democrats and wanted to share it with you. I hope that you will read it and join me in supporting my friend Lon.

I want to hear from you and stay close to what Democrats are thinking in the 12th District. If I can answer questions, listen to your thoughts, or hear what’s on your mind, I hope you will email me or call my campaign office at 313-791-2707.


John D. Dingell


P.S. Check out Lon’s Facebook page here.


Michigan Democratic Congressional Delegation

February 5, 2013


Dear Michigan Democrat:

In 2012 we were able to achieve some important victories.  Unfortunately, we suffered disappointing State losses and we now face many challenges in Michigan with the actions of the Governor, the State legislature and the Michigan Supreme Court. We have a lot of work to do together to change this dynamic and win at the state and local  levels.

We believe that the combination of challenges and opportunities that dramatically confront Michigan Democrats today have called on us as elected Democrats to urge a new and inclusive chapter in MDP leadership.

There exists around our state an abundance of leaders, committed activists and talented local elected officials and now is the time to send a clarion call to all – those involved in the Party and those not yet involved – that the Party is the place to gather to advance Democratic values. We must build a stronger organization that reaches out to more constituents, conducts more organizing activities, pushes the envelope on technology, communicates a consistent message, builds infrastructure around the state and raises a broad range of resources to accomplish these objectives.

That is why we are excited to support Lon Johnson to be our next State Party Chair.  He is a strong leader who represents the future of our Party in Michigan.

For more than 20 years, Lon has served in critical strategic roles for political campaigns and committees, advocacy organizations and businesses, including key positions at the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and Congressman John Dingell’s 2002 campaign.  In 2012, he ran for the Michigan State House of Representatives in the 103rd District, and received more than 47% of the vote in a Republican district.  Lon grew up in the Downriver community of Rockwood.  He currently lives in northern Michigan with his wife, Julianna Smoot, who served as Deputy Campaign Manager for President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.

We believe Lon is the right leader and will bring to the Party vision, energy, and a commitment to collaboration.

As a Democratic family, we have worked hard together on so many issues important to our state. We respect the hard work and long service of our current State Chair, the MDP staff, volunteers, and organizations throughout the state.  This is about uniting for the future of our Party. We invite you to join us.